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Our Story

Eating green isn't a trend, it's a lifestyle.
And we make it affordable.

Eating Towards a Healthier Future

"Chérie" is French for "Sweet Heart". We emphasize our intent to make the world, the people, and you to be the best that can be. We believe that eating healthier will lead to living healthier, cultivating a world where eating greens is not just a trend, but also a lifestyle. Through our superfoods, we believe that we can make the future a little brighter and a lot healthier.

This is an about us page, but it's really an about you page.

Cherie Sweet Heart Logo

As Chérie Sweet Heart, we search for the best ingredients and try our hardest to provide superfoods at an affordable price, so that our consumers get the best bang for their buck. Healthy foods tend to be pricier but we believe that no one should risk their health due to high prices and that everyone deserves to eat healthy. By providing superfoods at an affordable price, we want to help our consumers be on top without leaving their wallets behind. That's why we believe in being #ChérieOnTop. 

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