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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Don't know which Superfood is right for you? Read to find out!

Chérie Sweet Heart's Superfood Product Line (from top-to-bottom, left-to-right): Organic Beet Root Powder, Organic Barley Grass Powder, Organic Chlorella Powder, Organic Kale Powder, Organic Matcha Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, Goji Berries
For starters, you may be wondering "What are Superfoods?"

Superfoods is pretty much a fancy term for foods that are packed full of nutrients and are beneficial for your health. Some traditional superfoods include berries, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains.

However, newer superfoods have taken the health world by storm. These newer superfoods include goji berries, chia seeds, and superfood powders like matcha, beet root, barley grass, and kale. It's difficult to eat all the whole foods in the world to be healthy, but adding superfood powders make it easy (and delicious)!

"OK, so which superfood is good for me?" 🤔

Uh, oh...there are so many superfood powders and they are all nutrient-packed! So, which one should you try?

Yes, they are all great and healthy and beneficial. However, they do all taste differently and have a variety of health benefits-some that may help you more than others.

Below, from A to Z, we have described each superfood in detail, so you can find your perfect superfood:

Barley Grass

Barley Grass is the leafy part of the Barley plant. When harvested early, it contains an abundance of nutrients.


  • Boosts Your Immune System

  • Helps with Weight Loss

  • Regulates Cholesterol

  • Control Blood Sugar Levels

  • Easier Digestion

And it honestly tastes good by itself. Can be added into smoothies as well!

Beet Root


  • Low Calories

  • Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

  • Packed with Nutrients

  • Supports Brain Health

  • Improves Digestion and Athletic Performance

Tastes great in smoothies and juices! Looks really pretty too because of the pink color of the beet root.

Two words: Super Aesthetic.

Chia Seeds

Probably the most well-known of the superfoods, chia seeds


  • Low Calories

  • Lots of Nutrients and Antioxidants

  • High in Protein andFiber

  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation and Blood Sugar Levels

Best of all, chia seeds are easy to incorporate into your diet lifestyle. You can add it into your smoothies, porridges, yogurts, or even eat it raw.


Chlorella is a green micro, freshwater algae that contains chlorophyll pigments.


  • Packed with Nutrients such as Vitamins B12 and C, Iron, Protein, and Omega-3

  • Detoxes the Body from Heavy Metals and Harmful Toxins

  • Boosts the Immune System

  • Lowers Cholesterol Levels

  • Improves Eye and Liver Health

For women, Chlorella may also relieve symptoms of PMS. Chlorella comes in both powder and tablet form.

Goji Berries

Goji Berries, also known as Wolfberries, is a native fruit to Asia and used in many cuisines.


  • Boosts the Immune System

  • Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

  • Increases Ability to Focus

  • Improves Quality of Sleep

  • Reduces Arthritis Pain

Goji Berries have also been reported to increase life expectancy and overall well-being.


Another popular superfood is Matcha, grounded-up Japanese-style green tea leaves.


  • Full of Nutrients Such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Zinc

  • Calms and Relaxes the Body and Mind

  • Improves Concentration and Mood

  • Detoxifies the Body

  • Lowers Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

Matcha is rich in antioxidants and contains caffeine, making it a healthier alternative to coffee. It can be made into a matcha latte, which is super duper delicious.


Spirulina is blue-green algae used as a dietary supplement or whole food.


  • Improves Allergy Symptoms

  • Contains Many Nutrients such as Protein, Iron, Vitamin B, and Copper

  • Lots of Antioxidants

  • Protects from Heart Disease

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

A deep-green color, spirulina is beautiful in smoothies and bowls. Spirulina has a unique, fishy odor but it goes away once you mix it with other ingredients and cannot be tasted.

Found your Perfect Superfood? Comment below!

Disclaimer: These statements are all known benefits and not necessarily my own claims. I am not a doctor.

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